B.E.S.T. (Business Education Success Teams)

Established in 1989, B.E.S.T. (Business Education Success Teams),  a program of the Education Alliance/Northern KY Chamber of Commerce, connects the business community to schools throughout Northern Kentucky by improving communication and understanding and sharing of resources and expertise. Schools cannot accomplish their academic goals alone and involving a business partner is critical to their growth and preparing students for future success. B.E.S.T. allows schools and businesses to work together to develop activities to meet the needs of the school and impact workforce development in our region.  

Business Partner Benefits

  • Have a voice in the education process
  • Contribute to a more highly skilled future workforce
  • Help improve the quality of education in Northern Kentucky
  • Receive rewards for working with students and be recognized for corporate citizenship
  • Increase community awareness and involvement among its employees
  • Build relationships with the community’s educators and young residents

School Benefits

  • Develop relationships with businesses
  • Expanded resource pool to enhance the learning process
  • Hone business expertise in addressing issues and concerns
  • Gain insight into the workforce and its expectations for future employees
  • Secure out-of-school education opportunities for teachers and students
  • Create a positive school culture with business support

To become a B.E.S.T. partner, contact Nancy Grayson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..